Notify Liberty Claims Department of the claims within 14 days after the accident by submitting:

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Submit the required documents and await Liberty’s approval to commence repair

  • Original Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Form
  • Original Letter of Consent
  • Original Declaration of Driver
  • Original “Application for a Certificate Relating to Previous Conviction under Section 75(5) of Road Traffic Ordinance, Cap 374"
  • Original Personal Information Collection Statement
  • Copy of the driver's Driving Licence
  • Copy of the driver's HKID
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration Document (both sides)
  • Copy of Vehicle Licence
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Settle repair amount, excess(es) and depreciation after repair

Liberty will pay for the net repair amount and you will pay for the excess(es) and depreciation, if any, after the repair is complete


Additional documents to follow-up the claim, if any

  • Copy of the Breathalyser Test Report issued by the police, if any
  • Copy of the driver’s Statement made to the police, if any
  • Color photos/video depicting the accident, if any
  • Copy of Investigation Result Letter issued by the police, if any
  • Copy of all correspondence regarding the accident
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  9. If I have third party only coverage and my vehicle is damaged in an accident, will Liberty recover from the third party on my behalf?

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  11. Could I withdraw my claim at any time?