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No lifetime limits and guaranteed renewal till age 100


Extended coverage to unknown pre-existing conditions


Tax relief on your premiums


Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments


Extended coverage to inpatient psychiatric treatment


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  VHIS Standard Plan
Name of the certified plan Liberty Insurance Standard VHIS Plan
FHB certification number S00017-01-000-02


Description of Benefits(1) Benefit Limit
Annual and Lifetime Benefit Limit
Description of Benefits(1) Benefit Limit
Annual Benefit Limit for benefit items (a) – (l) HK$420,000 per policy year
Lifetime Benefit Limit for benefit items (a) – (l) NIL
Summary of Major Benefits
Description of Benefits(1) Benefit Limit
(a) Room and board HK$750 per day
Maximum 180 days per policy year
(b) Miscellaneous charges HK$14,000 per policy year
(c) Attending doctor's visit fee HK$750 per day
Maximum 180 days per policy year
(d) Specialist's fee(2) HK$4,300 per policy year
(e) Intensive care HK$3,500 per day
Maximum 25 days per policy year
(f) Surgeon's fee
Per surgery, subject to the surgical category for the surgery/procedure in the schedule of surgical procedures
  • Complex
  • Major
  • Intermediate
  • Minor


(g) Anaesthetist's fee 35% of Surgeon's fee payable(5)
(h) Operating theatre charges 35% of Surgeon's fee payable(5)
(i) Prescribed Diagnostic Imaging Tests(2) (3) HK$20,000 per policy year
Subject to 30% co-insurance
(j) Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments(4) HK$80,000 per policy year
(k) Pre-and post-confinement/Day case procedure outpatient care(2) HK$580 per visit, up to HK$3,000 per policy year
  • 1 prior outpatient visit or emergency consultation per confinement/day case procedure
  • 3 follow-up outpatient visits per confinement/day case procedure (within 90 days after discharge from hospital or completion of day case procedure)
(l) Psychiatric treatments HK$30,000 per policy year

This table is just a summary and for reference only. Please refers to the Terms and Conditions and Benefits Schedule for details.

(1) Eligible expenses incurred in respect of the same item shall not be recoverable under more than one benefit item in the table above

(2) The company shall have the right to ask for proof of recommendation e.g. written referral or testifying statement on the claim form by the attending doctor or registered medical practitioner

(3) Tests covered here only include computed tomography (“CT” scan), magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI” scan), positron emission tomography (“PET” scan), PET-CT combined and PET-MRI combined

(4) Treatments covered here only include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and hormonal therapy

(5) The percentage here applies to the Surgeon's fee actually payable or the benefit limit for the Surgeon's fee according to the surgical categorisation, whichever is the lower


Persons Eligible to Apply
  • Entry age from 0 to 80
  • Guaranteed renewal up to 100 years of age
  • Hong Kong residents
General Exclusions
  • Expenses incurred for treatments, procedures, medications, tests, or services which are not medically Necessary
  • Expenses incurred for the whole or part of the Confinement solely for the purpose of diagnostic procedures or allied health services, including but not limited to physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, unless such procedure or service is recommended by a Registered Medical Practitioner for Medically Necessary investigation or treatment of a Disability which cannot be effectively performed in a setting for providing Medical Services to a Day Patient
  • Expenses arising from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (“HIV”) and its related Disability, which is contracted or occurs before the Policy Effective Date. Irrespective of whether it is known or unknown to the Policy Holder or the Insured Person at the time of submission of Application, including any updates of and changes to such requisite information (if so requested by the Company on the Policy) such Disability shall be generally excluded from any coverage of these Terms and Benefits if it exists before the Policy Effective Date. If evidence of proof as to the time at which such Disability is first contracted or occurs is not available, manifestation of such Disability within the first five (5) years after the Policy Effective Date shall be presumed to be contracted or occur before the Policy Effective Date, while manifestation after such five (5) years shall be presumed to be contracted or occur after the Policy Effective Date. However, the exclusion under this entire Section 3 shall not apply where HIV and its related Disability is caused by sexual assault, medical assistance, organ transplant, blood transfusions or blood donation, or infection at birth, and in such cases the other terms of the Terms and Benefits shall apply
  • Expenses incurred for Medical Services as a result of Disability arising from or consequential upon the dependence, overdose or influence of drugs, alcohol, narcotics or similar drugs or agents, self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide, illegal activity, or venereal and sexually transmitted disease or its sequelae (except for HIV and its related Disability, where Section 3 applies)
  • Any charges in respect of services for:
    • beautification or cosmetic purposes, unless necessitated by Injury caused by an Accident and the Insured Person receives the Medical Services within ninety (90) days of the Accident; or
    • correcting visual acuity or refractive errors that can be corrected by fitting of spectacles or contact lens, including but not limited to eye refractive therapy, LASIK and any related tests, procedures and services.
  • Expenses incurred for prophylactic treatment or preventive care, including but not limited to general check-ups, routine tests, screening procedures for asymptomatic conditions, screening or surveillance procedures based on the health history of the Insured Person and/or his family members, Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA), immunisation or health supplements. For the avoidance of doubt, this Section 6 does not apply to:
    • treatments, monitoring, investigation or procedures with the purpose of avoiding complications arising from any other Medical Services provided
    • removal of pre-malignant conditions; and
    • treatment for prevention of recurrence or complication of a previous Disability
  • Expenses incurred for dental treatment and oral and maxillofacial procedures performed by a dentist except for Emergency Treatment and surgery during Confinement arising from an Accident. Follow-up dental treatment or oral surgery after discharge from Hospital shall not be covered
  • Expenses incurred for Medical Services and counselling services relating to maternity conditions and its complications, including but not limited to diagnostic tests for pregnancy or resulting childbirth, abortion or miscarriage; birth control or reversal of birth control; sterilisation or sex reassignment of either sex; infertility including in-vitro fertilisation or any other artificial method of inducing pregnancy; or sexual dysfunction including but not limited to impotence, erectile dysfunction or pre-mature ejaculation, regardless of cause
  • Expenses incurred for the purchase of durable medical equipment or appliances including but not limited to wheelchairs, beds and furniture, airway pressure machines and masks, portable oxygen and oxygen therapy devices, dialysis machines, exercise equipment, spectacles, hearing aids, special braces, walking aids, over-the-counter drugs, air purifiers or conditioners and heat appliances for home use. For the avoidance of doubt, this exclusion shall not apply to rental of medical equipment or appliances during Confinement or on the day of the Day Case Procedure
  • Expenses incurred for traditional Chinese medicine treatment, including but not limited to herbal treatment, bone-setting, acupuncture, acupressure and tui na, and other forms of alternative treatment including but not limited to hypnotism, qigong, massage therapy, aromatherapy, naturopathy, hydropathy, homeotherapy and other similar treatments
  • Expenses incurred for experimental or unproven medical technology or procedure in accordance with the common standard, or not approved by the recognised authority, in the locality where the treatment, procedure, test or service is received
  • Expenses incurred for Medical Services provided as a result of Congenital Condition(s) which have manifested or been diagnosed before the Insured Person attained the Age of eight (8) years
  • Eligible Expenses which have been reimbursed under any law, or medical program or insurance policy provided by any government, company or other third party
  • Expenses incurred for treatment for Disability arising from war (declared or undeclared), civil war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military or usurped power
Inclusion of VAT and GST as Eligible Expenses under VHIS Certified Plans

With respect of any Eligible Expenses under the VHIS Certified Plans incurred on or after 1st March 2022, Eligible Expenses shall include value-added taxes and goods and services taxes (“VAT and GST”) (if any) charged or imposed on the relevant medical expenses incurred, subject to the Terms and Benefits applicable in the relevant Certified Plans. The relevant Supplement will be sent to all policy holders concerned upon policy renewal. For any queries, please contact us at 2892 3822 or email us through

Inclusion of Public Hospitals and Private Hospitals in Hong Kong in the Definition of Hospital under VHIS Policy Terms & Conditions

With effect from 1 April 2023, the definition of "Hospital" in Part 8 "Definition" of your VHIS policy terms and conditions shall be refined to make clear that it shall include public hospitals as defined in the Hospital Authority Ordinance (Cap. 113 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and hospitals for which a licence is issued under the Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance (Cap. 633 of the Laws of Hong Kong), subject to other conditions of (b), (c) and (d) in the definition. The relevant Supplement will be sent to all policy holders concerned on or before the respective policy renewals from 1 April 2023. For any queries, please contact us at 2892 3822 or email us through

This Certified Plan is eligible for tax deduction. Deduction is subject to the relevant laws on tax deduction.