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Claim for Group Personal Accident

Group Personal Accident Claim Process

Each claim is different, let us guide you through your claim:


File your claim

Please complete and sign the Claim Form - Personal Accident with supporting documents to filing a personal accident claim.

Please send the Claim Form - Personal Accident with supporting documents to us by mail



You will receive an email acknowledgement from Liberty that we have received your claim submission. 


Process your claim

Upon receiving all original documents, Liberty will process your claim within 10 working days.


Receive your claim amount

Reimbursement will be settled by cheque to the claimant. Notification of payment will be issued for your reference

Your top questions, answered

  1. What method can I submit a claim?

  2. What must I do to submit the claim in case I am injured and on medical leave and the treatment is on-going?

  3. Can I submit photocopies of medical bills for claim processing?

  4. Is the medical report compulsory to submit?

  5. Does Liberty pay for any medical report fees that I have incurred in support of my claim?