General Insurance

Claim for General Insurance

General Insurance Claim Process

Each claim is different, let us guide you through your claim:
Applicable to Consequential Loss, Fidelity Guarantee, Money, Property All Risks, and Public Liability Insurance


File your claim

Fill in insurance claim form(s) as soon as the happening of an event giving rise to a claim and submit to us with the supporting documents.

File your claim


You will receive an acknowledgement from Liberty that we have received your claim submission.


Process your claim

Upon receiving all original documents, Liberty will process your claim.

Process your claim

Receive your claim amount

You will receive an email from Liberty that payment will be processed to the mode of payment that you have selected.

Receive your claim

Your top questions, answered

  1. What are the supporting documents required?

  2. What are the supporting documents required for third party legal liability?

  3. What should I do if an accident giving rise to a claim occurs?

  4. When do I need to lodge a police report?

  5. What is excess/deductible under my policy?

  6. What is basis of settlement?

  7. What is under-insurance?

  8. What should I do if an incident occur rise to a potential claim against me?

  9. What should I do if I receive a Writ of Summons?

  10. Can I negotiate settlement with the third party?

  11. What happens if I already compensated the third party without Liberty Insurance written consent? Can I still seek reimbursement under my policy?